About Us


To Honour Christ, the Evangelical Fellowship Church seeks to... 

Worship God in our everyday lives and in our celebrations together.

Serve our neighbours by providing practical help in times of need.

Teach obedience to the Word of God

Care for one another; creating a place of belonging

Reach Out communicating the Gospel of Christ 


Community Based
We want God to be known in our neighbourhood; a place where people feel comfortable coming for help in times of need, and a place of worship for all.

Family Friendly
We want to provide a setting in which the family is valued, celebrated and strengthened.

Prayer Driven
EFC is a Church learning to pray.
 Over the last number of years, our desire for prayer has grown.  We want to be known as a “house of prayer for the nations” (Isaiah 56:7) where prayer is a common place occurrence.


EFC is a member of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference